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"riprap, rebar, salt, & bone" bios

“Meatclock” is the creative partnership of John Colle Rogers and Gemma Szusterman. The two have known each other a long time but only recently learned that together he can play music and she can dance. This has  resulted in a rewarding collaboration.

Gemma Szusterman is a dancer and artist and has exhibited and performed internationally, including Movement Research at Judson Church (NY), Chez Bushwick (NY), and De Balie (Amsterdam NL). Gemma earned her BA in Computer Science with a minor in Art from Mills College [in Oakland], and an MS in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab. 

John Colle Rogers is an artist, blacksmith, and musician oscillating between Oakland and North Dakota. Through a mix of "critique and indulgence" he explores various modes of power. Combining his skills in metal and electronics he has created a multitude of Critters who celebrate life with chaos, song and dance.


Scott Duane is a dancer, a writer, a choreographer, clown, retired trans activist, and an "all around nerd." He's the editor of the 2019 Lambda Literary Finalist Nonbinary "Memoirs of Gender and Identity" and he holds a PhD in mathematics from UC San Diego. His choreographic work was recently featured in the 2023 Queering Dance Festival.


JoAnn Selisker received her MFA in Performance Art at CCA  in 1991, and went on to perform in venues including the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Theater Artaud, The Marsh, and Noh Space. JoAnn was an Artist in Residence at ODC Theater, and at Jon Sims Center for the Arts where she developed and presented "Parking Lot," a collaboration with  Brittany Brown Ceres and  Anne Carole.


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