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From the green wooden bulletin board at the parking lot turnaround (marked by a public art sculpture of a trio of birds), walk west (toward the Bay) on  one of two paths/roads that run along  the  spine that leads to the Bulb proper from the parking lot. You can  use the "High Road,"  or the"Low Road."  The Low Road runs right next to the Bulb's  southern shoreline.

Stay on the path and make your way up a short hill  (for people taking the low road.) and turn right to road that will take you to the  amphitheater.

It's about a third of a mile walk from the parking lot turnaround to the event site - about a  15 minute walk.

PARKING  at the Bulb is sometimes difficult – leave extra time to park and walk to the event site. We recommend arriving  30 minutes ahead of time.  Parking for the Albany Bulb is located along Buchanan Street. Parking is often tight, so allow plenty of time to find parking.  There are also additional spots west of the race track lot, just south of the turnaround. If those spots are all taking, you can try  under the freeway, about about a ten minute walk to the turn-around,  and another 15 minute walk from there to the event site.On  RACE DAYS, Golden Gate Fields also provides ample parking for a fee of parking fee is $10.00. Their parking lot remains until 8 p.m.   The entrance to GGF parking is on the south side of the track so you'll need to get back on the Freeway  heading south for 1/2 mile, then take the Gilman Street exit and proceed west and follow the street to the parking kiosk. Here's a MAP

CYCLISTS There are plenty of bike racks near the bathroom and at other locations near the parking lot, and the spot is easily accessible via the Bay Trail. If you are a cyclist, biking is the most stress-free way to arrive. You can also bring your bike to the event site.

highly recommend comfortable, sturdy shoes. The trail is mostly easy but you will be walking on some slopes and uneven ground.
Wear  layers as it can get chilly.

RAIN - The Amphitheater is  good at absorbing rain, but see above and below tips!

SEATING  - The amphitheater is more Thunderdome than Carnegie Hall, so if you can bring a light weight camping chair, tarp or blanket  to sit on, you may well be the envy of fellow attendees.  Like the rest of the Bulb, the amphitheater is both rugged and inviting.
Note that while there are no chairs at the Amphitheater, there are plenty of big rocks and makeshift bench-like spots to sit on.)

VACCINATIONS, MASKS & SOCIAL DISTANCE – During the pandemic, to ensure the safety of performers and audience members, we ask that people or pods remain masked at six feet of social distance while at the Bulb, and that everyone is vaccinated.

REST ROOMS – There are well-maintained National Park-style pit toilets at the parking lot but no restroom facilities near the Amphitheater.

HYDRATE! – Bring  a beverage. There is no running water or drinking water at the Bulb.

DOGS – The Bulb is a very popular spot for off-leash dog walking.



AND OF COURSE: Take only pictures. Leave only footprints!

THANKS – See you at The Bulb!

& enjoying

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