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Laura Inserra

Laura Inserra lives and creates at the confluence of music, wisdom schools, and cutting edge technology. 

Fascinated by sound since her youngest years, Laura would play anything she’d touch, and embraced one instrument after another. Music has been the focus of her life ever since, weaved with two other life-long threads: a passion for technology, initiated when an uncle introduced her to video games' programming on a Commodore 64; and an exploration of wisdom schools, esoteric, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual traditions. 

She plays a large range of ancient and contemporary instruments from around the world; she composes music for soundtracks, theatre and dance; she teaches music and sound therapy; she creates and produces performing arts events and festivals; she leads personal exploration workshops; she weaves the transformative power of sound and wisdom traditions to enable self-exploration and wellbeing, in one-on-one sessions and group settings. 

Her music speaks a universal language, telling stories without words. As a listener, you become the creator of your own experience.

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Nadine Kreisberger combines her background in psychology, shamanism, business, politics and the media. She now works as a “Joint Journeyer” (a term she prefers to coach or therapist) in the Bay Area and around the world. In both one-on-one and group settings, she combines tools from depth psychology and dreamwork, from business coaching and leadership training, from trauma relief and trans-generational work as well as wisdom traditions.

Nadine Kreisberger WebsitE

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