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On August 18, 2023 at 7 PM at The Albany Bulb Cove we were honored to present a free, intimate concert by the duo of Shakuhachi musician Nancy Beckman and Recorder and woodwinds musician Tom Bickley of "Gusty Winds May Exist.

About the Event

The duo describes the performance: "'WIND, WATER, BIRDS’ offers a respite both literal and figurative from the chances and changes we all encounter day to day.” Solos from the traditional Japanese Myoan Shakuhachi repertory and the early European recorder repertory evoke images of the natural world, birdsong, waterfalls, and thee wind. Improvised duos and solos respond to those pieces and to the environment.

Gusty Winds May Exist makes music rooted in meditative traditions and the Deep Listening practices taught by composer/performer/teacher Pauline Oliveros, encouraging everyone to find resilience and joy in their lives. 

Eventbrite ticket holders received the following message


"Gusty Winds May Exist" attendees -

Greetings from Alternating Currents-The Albany Bulb Event Series!
We're very much looking forward to our Friday evening event. 
In advance we send a few reminders and tips. 



  • Albany weather is forecast at 66ºF and mostly cloudy the day of the performance but the Bulb can be its own microclimate. We encourage attendees to bring SPF 30, layers and a blanket. A cushion will also provide you with a more comfortable experience. If you have a stadium seat, you might want to bring it. And note that gusty winds may exist!

    Don't wear white or your Sunday best! We've spent some hours tidying up the space but it's by the beach and well used, so pretty dusty despite our best efforts. And as always, comfortable shoes for the short walk from parking or Bulb hike recommended 


  • The Cove is a very intimate outdoor performance | gathering space, so we recomend you consider wearing a mask. Covid has gone from a pandemic situation to an endemic fact of life. (sigh.)

  • We expect a full audience - all of our available reservations are now spoken for. Some of those in attendance may require an accommodation and we ask that those requiring seating have priority. 

  • We don't anticipate major parking challenges, but Golden Gate Fields, adjacent to the Bulb, may be hosting an event, so you may want to allow extra time to arrive. If you do come early, the Bulb is wonderful place to explore.

  • There are restrooms nearby, but no drinking water. Feel free to bring your personal beverage container. 

  • Questions? Feel free to contact us at


About "Gusty Winds May Exist:"

Gusty Winds May Exist is a duo that began with a free improvisation on a mountain in New Mexico at am Advanced Deep Listening Retreat led by composer Pauline Oliveros. Nancy Beckman brings experience in the meditative solo tradition of shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) as well as more extroverted techniques of intuitive improvisation. Recorder player Tom Bickley brings experience performing early European music and New Music using extended techniques. The music created by Gusty Winds May Exist places these traditions in the same time and space and explores the sonic world that results.

The event is free to attend and will take place at “The Cove,” an easily accessible venue at the Albany Bulb. Eventbrite reservations are highly recommended.

Directions: here's a link to Google Maps. For more information about the event, visit the Alternating Currents website.


About the artists

Nancy Beckman | Tom Bickley


About the Cove and artist Carlo Ferretti
Oct 6, 2003 
Works & Conversations
"Carlo Ferretti's Cove"
by Richard Whittaker

About Alternating Currents:

Alternating Currents – The Albany Bulb Event Series was conceived and designed in the spring of 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting severe limiting of safe performance venues for Bay Area artists and audiences.

Alternating Currents celebrates both the rich and diverse creativity of Bay Area artists and musicians working in all media and genres and the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of the Albany Bulb. Alternating Currents is directed by Debra Pughe and Jon Winet, and is hosted by the community-arts organization Love the Bulb. Noah Factor serves as the organization's inaugural Fellowship awardee.

Questions contact us at


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