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heartfelt Thanks

The producers of HEAR | TOGETHER * extend heartfelt thanks the following organizations and individuals whose encouragement and support made this event possible. 


Alternating Currents
New Music Bay Area
Crowden Music Center

Ross McKee Foundation. 

Crowden Staff

Doris Fukawa, Director

Marion Atherton

Tatiana Lee
Jorge Mendoza
Rey Rodriguez

Eugene Sor

Jen Strauss
Michel Taddei
Stephannie Tornow
Karen Zevallos

& the families of Crowden student performers 

The artists

Sarah Cahill
Allegra Chapman
Monica Chew
Crowden student musicians
Elizabeth Dorman

Robert Fleitz

Tammy Hall

Leberta Lorál
Dylan Mattingly

Carlos Silva

Ace Volunteers
Miranda Sanborn

Lucy Mattingly
Patti Deuter

Lisa Dungan

Kate Alm

Paradise Moving Company
(all of whom were on site at 7:30 a.m. and worked early and late on Mother's Day!)

John Peters, Piano Tuner

Zach Miley, Video Production

Zachary James Ritter

Hannah Davidman

David Bloom

Kathryn Reasoner
Mary Tilbury

L. D.

George Mattingly

Susan Moffat - Love the Bulb

Angela Armendariz
Mary Barnsdale

Randy Hussong
Tracy McBride

Jeff Kelley
Hung Liu
Elizabeth Oakes

& Our Donors, present and future, whose support is critical to our efforts!

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