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July 17 • 5pm  "Sonic Dogness
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"Sonic Dogscape," Composition by Olivia Ting."

Recording  completed July 16. Uploaded to YouiTube and Soundcloud on July 18,

Please join us on July 17 beginning at 5 pm-ish for the outdoors, in-person Sonic Dogness opening event! Dogs and their guardians, as well as unchaperoned people are enthusiastically invited!

In addition to a sonic + canine-inspired installation, there will be a communal Howlathon for the four-legged and two-legged individuals and present.

PLEASE BRING, one or all of the following [recommended but not required]:

• Your pup/s

• A sonic dog toy that you’d be willing to impart with for the installation

• A love note to your beloved fur-friend to leave as part of the installation


"Sonic Dogness, an interview with Dr. Ian Dunbar about dogs and sound."

The artists note: "We interviewed Dr. Ian Dunbar of well-renowned Dunbar Academy to prepare for our art installation and opening event. Dr. Dunbar was gracious with his knowledge and time and is allowing us to share with everyone here! We hope you enjoy the fascinating things we learned about dogs and sound."

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